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February 17, 2013


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This journal will now serve as our Update/Announcement board.
Updates: Changes to the group and it's features.
Announcement:  Important information that all
members or watchers should read or know about.
News: Information that isn't important, but would
be nice for members or watchers to know about.

10.08.2014 >> [Announcement] Delays and Extensions

First of all, we would like to apologize for the lack of updates during the month of September and a delay in getting any news out regarding the extension for the last location’s missions. September, with the start of school, has been a crazy month for all of us here at admin central. We hope that as we get into the swing of things, we will be able to adjust to our new schedules and get back to regular updates, accepting deviations, and answering messages. We thank you for your patience.

Regarding the Anelia missions, the deadline has been tentatively extended to the 15th of this month (10/15/2014 @ 00:00 PST). So, if you have WIPs or haven’t started anything, now’s the time to get working and meet the deadline to participate.

With that said, the new location is set to be revealed, at the very latest, the 15th of this month. We will try to finish it over the weekend, but may need a little extra time to make some last minute checks and touch ups.

As most of you know, the World Train has a Skype Group. If you're not in it and would like to join, please note the group your skype address. One of the admins will need to add you to their contacts list before they can add you to the group. We hope to see you there!

08.01.2014 >>[Announcement] New Members!

After many days of waiting and much debating, we have finally come up with the list of new entrees for the World Train. Out of the 37 applications we received, the numbers have since been cut down to 24. Now without further ado, it's time to introduce the newest editions to our group!


Electric: 6
:icontshuki: :iconsolitairre: :iconmujiin::iconmidorishina::iconyxmathenobody2::iconaoi-rikyri:

Steam: 8

Diesel: 10

To be quite fair, some of the applications that we chose to accept weren't completely error free. If there were only a few minor mistakes, those people were included in the above list. We'll just send them individual notes to edit their application before we send them an invite. Now those of you who didn't get in, you are free to note the group to ask why your application wasn't accepted. You are not allowed to note/contact admins privately. They have been asked to defer your comment to the group notes or ignore it completely.

In the meantime, here are some of the general problems that we saw:

Lack of depth. This was a big one that was seen a lot in the 'personality' and 'history' sections. These characters were shallow and lacked any real substance which made them come off as robotic. It seemed that the creators were just thinking of creating a "character" rather than a "person". When creating a character, one must remember that these so called 'characters' should have the same characteristics as a real 'person'. That's what makes them unique and interesting as not all persons are the same. The same thing can be said about the history. 

Lack of logic. Going hand in hand with lack of depth, there were some applications that had several fatal logic errors and contradictions. There were characters whose pasts did not affect their personality at all, which is a big turn off. Not to mention the characters that had extremely little consequences to their actions (e.g. murder). Those characters came off as being too 'convenient' and 'unrealistic'. While this is a fantasy group, there is always logic to what goes on.

Lack of experience. This manifested itself in both the applications (Art and description) and RPs that we saw throughout the opening period. It is easier than you think to spot a young RPer by what sort of character they create and how much (or little) research they actually put into their character. While we do encourage novices to try their hands at RPing and character creation, the World Train and its members have developed over the years in both their art and writing styles. While we did accept some novices, it was only those who were open to constructive criticism and were willing to work on their weak points. Even then, not all of said people were accepted. We would highly encourage people in this category to try again in January or next year when they've attained more experience.

Lack of respect. While this wasn't a problem with most applicants, we feel that this is something that we need to bring up. In application checks, to completely disregard the help that we provided reflects badly on you. We wouldn't ask you to change anything if it didn't affect your entrance to the group. Then, there's general behavior in the chatrooms. If you disrespect any one of the rules, admins, or members of the group, it is an instant black mark to your name and we will not consider your application regardless of its quality. Just because you have a good application, doesn't mean you have the right to mouth off anyone in the group or regard yourself as being 'better'. We provide a safe environment for our members and treat them with love and respect. There is a no tolerance policy for bad behavior. To let in a person that disrespects others is not something we will ever do. If you cannot adhere to our rules, then don't bother joining.

Once again, do not note admins about why you weren't accepted. Note the group.

Invites will be sent out shortly. Those who need to make some corrections will be noted to do so before their invite is sent out. We will also be placing your characters into the registry and rooms (slowly). Rewards for referring a member and participating in the RP for 3 days will be given out soon as well.


08.01.2014 >>[Announcement] Closed!

We're kind of floored by all the attention that our group has received this past few months! Thank you for all the interest and we hope that you were able to submit your application on time. If not, we're really sorry about that. But, we do have a mini opening in January, so we hope you'll continue to maintain your interest in the group! Also, those who failed to submit anything to the group for the wipe, have been removed.

If your join request expires, don't worry; we have a list of all the names we got! We will send you an invite if you made it in.

Results will be announced on the 5th, so keep your eyes peeled! Till then, feel free to chill in the chatrooms and get to know the members. Feel free to roleplay if you like!

Do NOT edit your application starting 8/1/2014 @ 5 PST/PDT because we will begin looking over applications thoroughly.

Till then, please look over your applications one more time. Because I know there are some who are missing required categories or who didn't read the character creation journal correctly. Also, there are a lot of people who tend to forget to balance their character's positive and negative personality traits, so look out for that. Also, remember to describe the dimension your character comes from! Just- reread the character creation journal to be sure. Alright?

May the odds be ever in your favor, all thirty-six of you applicants!

07.31,2014 >>[Announcement] Less than 24 Hours Left

In less than 24 hours, the group will no longer accept applications and members in the red will be removed from the group. If you miss the deadline, we're sorry, but we won't accept an excuse for not finishing the applications. If deviantart was having problems, please note the group. We will check the time you submitted the applications to your gallery to see if it matches up with what you're saying.

Also, we will be holding our last RP session, July 31st at 5pm PST/PDT. Please check it out! Especially those of you who procrastinated your wipe piece. Just 5 posts and you're saved from the wipe!

Those who have collected 5 posts from 3 different sessions will receive a bonus of:
          :bulletblue: 300 Discs 
          :bulletyellow: 150 EXP

Potential members will receive their rewards once they're accepted to the group so they'll have a head start in comparison to their peers. Also, the front page has been updated with buttons to the RP logs and summaries!


07.20.2014 >> [Announcement] RP Event and Submissions [EDITED]

RP sessions will be held from the 25th to the 31st. While anyone can RP, meaning potential World Train members can RP, it is strongly suggested that you have at least the skeleton of your application ready (meaning the art portion and some of the written portion). This is so that those RPing with you will be able to get a feel of your character.

For those who haven't saved themselves from the wipe yet, this is your chance to do so. In order to save yourself from the wipe, you need to write 5 RP responses in one session. There will be seven RP sessions, one a day. You will be RPing in the Event Chat. Please also join the Main Chat for OOC conversation.

Events will begin at 5pm PST/8pm EST. We hope to see you there!

Submission System Updates:
We've added two monochrome categories that members will now get specific rewards for! Please check them out!

07.07.2014>>[Updates] Changes to RP logs

As the World Train is a group that's heavily based on roleplays, probably more so than art, the submission of rp logs to the group makes it far too easy for a character to gain both exp and discs. So, the reward system for the RP word count will be changed from "100 words is 10 discs and 5 exp" to "200 words is 10 discs and 5 exp". Possibly more if that number is still too low. Lit pieces will stay the same. 

The change will take place on July 8th, so you have that time to submit any RP logs you have for the old submission rewards. 

You do not have to submit your RP as a deviation to the group's archive folder.
Just fill out this form and note it to the group.

Roleplayers: (Remember to contact your friends and ask for their permission)
Word count: (Per Roleplayer)
Link: (You are allowed to delete this link once Darthrose has given the 'ok')
Omit out any smut from your RP as the rule of thumb in the WT is that we don't accept smut. Lit or Art.

As we cannot figure out exactly when these roleplays were completed, to be fair to everyone, roleplay logs will not count for this wipe or any future wipes to come.

While we will not be checking every single RP's word count, we will be picking several at random from each person. If you are caught adding more words to your word count than is actually there (a deviation of 50+ words), you will receive a warning and a penalty. Remember, World Train functions on a 3 strike basis. 

Be sure to talk to your RP partners and have only one person send in the form to avoid duplicates. Multiple forms in one note is preferred. How you talk to your RP partners is up to you to figure out.

  • :bulletgreen:You are allowed to count things like "Arlaena: *insert RP*"
  • :bulletgreen:You are allowed to submit unfinished RPs IF you do not plan to continue them any further.
  • :bulletgreen:RPs with ex-WT members are allowed. In their case, you do not need to ask their permission as some may have deleted/moved/left their accounts.
  • :bulletgreen:You are allowed to submit AUs so long as the characters and in character.
  • :bulletred:You are not allowed to submit crack* or smut.

Crack meaning anything that is OOC. Even if the document was written professionally, please do not submit anything that is not IC.

Please use [this] to count your words.

You have three days.

06.30.2014>>[Updates] Journal changes & new attendant

I'm sure that all of you have noticed the sudden flood of journals and the like, which we greatly apologize for! So, to make things easier for you, here's a list of what journals have been edited and should be read.

>>A new adventure begins: This had been updated and rewritten. There are a few important facts revealed about the World Train there as well. We hope to turn this into an introductory flash comic in the future, but that will only occur in the distant future (possibly next summer) if it happens at all.

>>Storyline: It has been completely rewritten by kyo-kyo123 and tweaked by Stabrina. It has been formatted to be told as a story and a lot of information has been added. Please check it out!

>>Character Creation: It has been rewritten so that the instructions are clearer. New mandatory and non-mandatory sections have been added. It is advised for all current members to at least add in the mandatory section which is a 'weight' category.

>>The Train: For more World Train universe builders, please read the sections, 'General Features', 'infirmary', and 'Stops' as they have been rewritten with important facts.

>>Submissions and Rewards: a.k.a the EXP, stats, leveling, and discs system. As we all know, the Exp and disc rewards have been raised per submission. In addition to that, the Exp required to level up has also been raised by a hefty amount. No one's current levels will be affected by this. It'll just be harder to level up now. It has also been rewritten and reformatted.

All old journals that weren't posted have been compiled in google docs. To view them, please head to this journal.

Also, I would like to introduce our new Steam Attendant, TheChinesePalmTree! Please give him a warm welcome, everyone. During his trial period, he's been hard at work coming up with quests for our future mission board. We still have many more missions to write before it's available to the public. So if you have any ideas, feel free to leave your ideas in a comment!

06.25.2014>>[Updates] A New Look On The Way

Here are just a few things to take note of!

1. Your conductor has revamped all the Gallery CSS so that the background will fit the World Train's theme. It has also been completely recoded so that more deviations can fit on one line rather than it just being two by two. Font face, color, and sizes have also been changed as well as hover effects.

2. The new journal skin was completed yesterday! We hope to start changing all journals to use that skin by Saturday. It seems like a big job, so it may only be completely done by Sunday. 

Commission: DarthRose by SimplySilent

What we will be doing is that, all journals will be deleted. The important journals such as the character creation, the train, sleeper cars, etc. will all be reposted. Some will be rewritten as well. But they will not have any skins as of yet. This is because the new journal skin will require the navigation bar to have links inserted. It does seem more like a hassle to delete then repost, but this is done so that all the journals can be clumped together when viewed in the 'journal history'. All Past events and the like will be stored on google docs and a separate journal will be made with links to all of that. So don't fret!

Just be ready for a spammage of journals.

3. Your conductor hopes to have new memes out, following the same style as the journal. Hopefully by the end of next month. But there's a lot of other things to be done, such as a new location in August and more items to go with it as well as packages. So don't be surprised if all the memes show up in September!

That's all for now!

05.19.14>> [Announcement] The Nudist Battleship Arena RP Event

A roleplay event hosted by Moe-Satan, Paradisaea-Carnis, and amuhn will be held in the chatrooms from May 23rd PST till May 31st PST.

The times of the RPs will be held at [8:00AM to 12:00PM], and [3:00PM to 7:00Pm] Time zone: PST.

Just know that RPers do not have to participate every weekend/day, so don't stress!

For more information, please read these documents: 

:bulletred:The Nudist Battleship Arena

:bulletred:Items List

Please note that items gained during this RP will not be transferred into your future inventory.You will receive rewards for active participation! Those who rarely show up or only do  little will only receive half the rewards. Less, if the hosts notice lack of activity.

:bulletgreen:1000 exp
:bulletgreen:200 discs
:bulletgreen:50 stat points

Please note that participation does not mean putting your name down on the signup sheet and not showing up. It also does not mean going on the chat but never saying anything and just going 'afk'. Nor does it mean posting a response and leaving. There has to be some effort on your part as well.

Regardless, we hope that you will enjoy yourselves!

04.13.14 >> [Announcement] New Diesel Attendant

Without further ado, I would like to introduce our new Diesel Attendant, :icondaeranilen:. After a little over a week of a secret trial period, I've decided that Daeranilen is more than fit to become an attendant. During the trial period we've been working on a shop and new locations, so look out for that in the future. We've still got a ways to go, but we'll get there!

Do leave a comment to welcome our new attendant.

03.15.14 >> [News] Super group till 2015!

Our sincere apologies for the delay of this announcement, but thanks to the generous donations of others, our group's super status has been continued for another year!

A huge shoutout to those who donated!


And three awesome anons!
Once again, thank you so very much, we couldn't have done this without you!

2013 News >> [Here]

Art & Design by Stabrina and naochiko | Coding by SimplySilent
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TheChinesePalmTree Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014
That's perfectly fine. My character is a demon who's slaughtered thousands and made a complete 180 by being the train's official fitness instructor. Your character doesn't have to be 'good' persay, just good enough where they won't harm their fellow train goers. We have spirits and demons on this train who's willing to kill outsiders with no hesitation, just to give a sense of perspective. 
Rajayne Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
Haha okiii~ thank you much for your time~
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Congrats to those who made it in!
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